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For Jazz Educators

All You Need to Effectively Teach Jazz Composition - Save Prep Time, Stay Organized, and Bring Your Students to the Next Level

Jazz Composition: Theory and Practice is the definitive text on jazz composition. The book provides extensive text and numerous musical examples regarding the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic elements of jazz. The accompanying CD contains more than 70 minutes of recorded examples from the book.

After establishing the fundamentals, the book deals with the compositional process itself. Students are invited to write tunes, and eventually longer pieces, in a variety of forms and styles including swing, bebop, postbebop, modal, and fusion. Students can advance at their own pace - with or without your supervision.

Highlights include:
  • Comprehensive writing exercises that can be assigned for homework
  • Motivic writing skills are emphasized from the very beginning.
  • Initial composition assignments include major, minor, and modal blues heads
  • Subsequent assignments involve tunes written in various song forms including aaba, abac, and abca.
  • Ostinato and pedal point are applied as appropriate so that students can begin to appreciate the role of the bass in jazz composition.
  • Advanced concepts involve through-composed form, episodic form, and multi-movement compositions.

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Jazz Composition: Theory and Practice
can form the basis of a one-, two-, or three-semester jazz education college course depending upon your goals and resources. Advanced high school students who are interested in composition will also benefit. Jazz education lesson plans are available. In addition, I am also available for clinics and curriculum consultation.

If you are teaching, or thinking of teaching, jazz composition, this textbook will prove to be invaluable. The exercises provided will save you precious preparation time! And the workbook format will keep student work organized and assist you in evaluating student progress.

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Jazz Composition: Theory and Practice

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The Perfect Companion Text - Getting to the Heart of Modern Jazz Sound

Modern Jazz Voicings shows students how to derive voicings in fourths, clusters, and upper structure triads from correct chord scales and apply them to actual musical situations.

These voicings, as you know, are at the heart of the modern jazz sound! Every jazz composer and arranger needs to be familiar with their usage. Your students will be excited to learn how to produce and apply them.

Modern Jazz Voicings

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